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Elinor Remick Warren
Three Choirs Festival, Gloucester, England, 1995
"...Warren exploits the colour of the romantic orchestra with remarkable flamboyance. Her choral writing, too, shows technical command and her music has real sweep and passion, with a fine ear for colour."
Lewis Foreman
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Athens [Greece] Vrathyni, 1955
"[Singing Earth] fascinated the audience ... Based on a poem by the American poet, Carl Sandburg, Miss Warren's composition is characterized by a noble romanticism and sensibility, and reveals a serious composer who possesses all the secrets of technique."
Alexandra Lalaouni

Fanfare, 1991
"Those listeners [to Cambria Records' CDs of Warren's music] will be well-rewarded with an unexpectedly gratifying revelation of a distinguished and seasoned voice whose time perhaps has finally arrived."
Paul Snook

The Charleston Gazette, 1955
"['Along the Western Shore'] is attractive mood music that is pleasantly listenable. ... The writing reveals fine craftsmanship ... The suite is something to be heard because of its general warmth and poetic imagery."
Bayard F. Ennis

Gazette-Times, Corvallis, Oregon, 1979
" 'Good Morning, America!' for full orchestra, chorus and narrator, climaxed the concert and after the performance the audience gave the composer a standing ovation. It is rich, descriptive music with pleasant melodies that support the [Carl] Sandburg text well... It's good contemporary music ... and was well performed. It deserves to be heard again and again."
Don Alan Hall

Los Angeles Examiner, 1954
"Last night [the Roger Wagner Chorale] made the most of a composition ['The Legend of King Arthur'] that is not familiar, but ought to be. It clamors for recordings. ...It was an occasion that fully warranted the audience cheers that followed it."
Patterson Greene

Hollywood-Citizen-News, 1962
"Of special interest was 'The Fountain' by Elinor Remick Warren. The impression of splashing water was exquisitely maintained together with a melodic line of haunting loveliness to form a short tone poem that deserves a place in the curerent symphonic repertory."
Richard D. Saunders

Los Angeles Times, 1924
"...In her songs [Warren] strikes a happy balance of sentiment and beauty with apparent effortlessness."

Los Angeles Examiner, 1952
"['Singing Earth'] has distinctive thematic material, rich and often bold harmony and glowing orchestration. It is particularly lovely in a middle episode in which the voice is cradled in a gently rocking orchestral movement, and in its valiant finale."
Patterson Greene

Los Angeles Times, 1938
" 'Snow Toward Evening' by the gifted Los Angeles composer, Elinor Remick Warren could have been written expressly for this artist [Kirsten Flagstad], so well did it suit her voice and her temperament. The high, sustained melody is poetic, chaste, clear in its serenity. The accompaniment supports it with color and a rich harmonic fabric."
Isabel Morse Jones

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