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Elinor Remick Warren
New York Times, 1936
"[The Harp Weaver] is charming music, characterized by real feeling and by a very sympathetic treatment of the text. ... The writing for the solo voice falls in just cadences of rhythm and of melodic line, so that poetical mood and rhetorical appropriateness coincide. ...we would [wish] that more American composers possessed the genuine creative talent which is Miss Warren's."
Olin Downes
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Catalog of the Works of
Elinor Remick Warren

See Key to Annotations below.

Works for Orchestra
Works for Men's Chorus TTBB,
Piano Accompaniment

Works for Orchestra and Soloist Works for Chorus SATB,
a Cappella

Works for Orchestra and Chorus, or Orchestra, Chorus and Soloist(s) Works for Men's Chorus TTBB,
a Cappella
Works for Instrumental Solo Works for Women's Chorus,
Piano Accompaniment

Works for Chamber Group Works for Women's Chorus,
a Cappella
Works for Chorus SATB, Accompanied Songs for Solo Voice and Piano or Organ
(Unless otherwise stated,
accompaniments are for piano.)
Other Works

Key to Annotations for Catalog Entries (Listed alphabetically within classifications by number and title; each choral work or song designated as sacred or secular.)

R Recording available (commercial or in library archive)
Text Author of text
Pub Publisher
Comm Commission
Grant Funding source
Date Date of publication or completion of manuscript
Copy Copyright information
Prem Premiere performance
Key Voice range of song
Parts Choral parts
Acc Accompaniment
Inst Instrumentation
Solo Solo part(s)
Narr Narrator
Loc Location of copies (including works active with publishers or libraries holding copy or copies of work)
Time Timing
Ded Dedication
Prize Prize won in competition

Terms and Sigla

SATB Choral music for soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices
Choral music for women's voices
TTBB Choral music for men's voices
AMC American Music Center, New York, New York
AWC American Women Composers, Inc., Washington, DC

National Union Catalogue Designations

LAPL Los Angeles Public Library
NN New York Public Library
PP Free Library of Philadelphia
PP(FC) Free Library of Philadelphia, Edwin A. Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music
CLSU University of Southern California
DLC Library of Congress
CLU University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
PPCI Curtis Institute of Music
IU University of Illinois, Urbana
OrP Library Association of Portland (Oregon)
RPB Brown University, Providence
IEN Northwestern University, Evanston
FTaSU Florida State University, Tallahassee
MB Boston Public Library
MiU University of Michigan, Ann Arbor